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How do things begin?

Today, supermarkets are not only a place that sells food for the sake of convenience, but it also acts as the main middleman between producers and millions of consumers. Therefore, how the supermarkets “choose” to put some kinds of food on their shelves directly affects small-scale farmers, male and female workers, and all the lives throughout the cycle of delivering food to your plate.

We believe that good food must not contain humans suffering from the beginning. Likewise, it must not harm the environment and must be fair for the consumers. As a result of that, we would like to urge you and the supermarkets to take “those working at the beginning of our food system” into consideration and focus more on sustainable food production.

Obtaining the support by the European Union’s SWITCH-ASIA II, Dear Supermarkets is a collaborative campaign created by Food4Change (Kinplianloke in Thai), Foundation for Consumers, and the Oxfam in Thailand aiming to promote the fairer and more sustainable food system in Thailand.

Why these supermarkets?

Leading retail companies have a high-value market share and high production capacity. They also have a large customer base and the ability to reach consumers through their many branches in different locations as well as their online distribution channels. That’s why we should urge them to step up and become more socially responsible.

What defines “good”?

To achieve fairness and develop a sustainable food supply chain, supermarkets should promote the foods that are good from the beginning of the system. That means they should show fairness to farmers and workers and their products must be safe for both consumers and the environment. Accordingly, for each aspect, there are formalities and regulations based on the international standards to follow, and all of them can be measured and assessed.

How to measure?

Food Retailers Accountability Tool which is a framework developed by Oxfam International will be applied to assess and evaluate the supermarkets’ social public policy. This tool is also used by all supermarkets worldwide.

What happens after the assessment?

We believe that changes in the supermarkets can happen if we, consumers, get our voice heard.

The supermarket business has the potential to make a change and become a leader in sustainable food production and distribution. They could improve the quality of life of the people who produce our food from the beginning which includes small-scale farmers and all workers. Also, they could help consumers like us to buy food with more confidence, by reassuring us that our food is safe and delicious without harming anyone and the environment.